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The Longest Way!

Christoph Rehage had a mission: to walk from Beijing, China to his home country Germany. In November, 2007, he took the first step of his great journey. A year later, he was 4,646 km (2,887 mi) away on foot, and even walked through the immense Gobi Desert – Asia’s largest sand and dunes dominated area. When he reached Ürümqi, Rehage had a change of hearts and decided to stop walking (what would you have done?).

Although his initial goal was abandoned, Rehage’s accomplishment remains blatantly impressing. One of the amazing things to come out of this journey is the below time lapse Chrisoph Rehage created. Unlike most of the photo-a-day videos I have seen, this one is quite unique as it’s not limited to one pic per day, and there are also short video movements that make the story much more alive and interesting.

By the way, I heard about this video through a blog I really enjoy reading – Neatorama.

Simply Excellent. Enjoy!


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