Shachar Pessis

THRU YOU – Kutiman Mixes YouTube

THRU YOU – Listening to Mixed music has never been so inspiring and fun. The THRU YOU project is brought tokutiman us by the talented (and modest) Israeli music producer Ophir Kutiel aka Kutiman. The THRU YOU project was triggered by an ‘enlightening moment’ Kutiman had experienced: while online, Kutiman had several browser tabs opened simultaneously – all of which were homemade music videos featured on YouTube. As he listened to his self-created orchestra, Kutiman came up with the idea of making music compilations out of the various videos users uploaded to YouTube. The end result is swanky, sweet mixed music nectar; seven funky music tracks combining many different music genres such as R&B, Funk, Reggae, Jungle, classical and acid Jazz. Each track or video was developed and ‘composed’ by patching together around 20 different videos Kutiman found on YouTube. Sounds easy? Well, the humble Kutiman says the process is quite simple and recommends that you try it yourself . He provides the associated music credits to all the videos he used so he’s not trying to ride the wave of someone else’s glory or talent… I took up Kutiman’s advice and tried out his modus operandi. Know this: it ain’t easy at all! Out of Kutiman’s mixed tracks my personal fave is Someday. I have provided the videos below for your enjoyment; the first is the mixed track while the other is only the vocals Kutiman used for this mix. Isn’t it amazing what a talented producer can do?

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