Shachar Pessis

Booooooom – Creativity Explosion!

Booooooom – Booooooom is based on Jeff Hamada‘s (a Vancouver designer) hopes for fostering a community of people who are excited about matthew_hollingsgoing out and being creative! I can assure you that if you spend at least 20 minutes on Booooooom, you will expand your creativity skills and might even decide you want to be the next Philippe Starck. The site is divided into six sections of interest: art , design, film, musicphoto, junk, in addition to a seventh section titled on-going projects . The projects in the latter section are open to anyone! So if you’re browsing the site and you suddenly feel as if the creativity muse is upon you, head on over to the projects section, follow the directions and submit some work. The site is packed with great stuff and two works that particularly impressed me  are Stunning oil paintings by Amy Bennett and Matthew Hollings. Be Creative!

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